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Client Promise
As an Owner and REALTOR® for 2% Realty Okanagan Ltd., Cal’s top priority is ensuring that his clients are impressed with the ease of their buying or selling experience while helping them keep more of their investment. His vast knowledge and experience in Real Estate Contract Law ensures his clients receive the absolute best price possible and that the process goes smoothly.

Cal has assisted a broad range of clients from young families, established families, families going through divorce, investors, couples who are downsizing, singles and many more. He personalizes his approach to each unique situation and prides himself on his ability to read people and identify with them. He is a compassionate person who strives to understand his clients’ unique situations so that he can better accommodate their needs. Clients can be assured that Cal will take the time to build a relationship of trust, where their individual goals, values, and needs will be reflected in real estate recommendations and services.

No matter their Real Estate expectations, Cal works diligently to look after each of his clients’ professional needs. He has built his business on transparency, honesty and trust; This allows his clients to feel connected to the process while at the same time, allowing his expertise to guide them through the process with confidence and assurance.


The Markets
The housing market is a multifaceted and dynamic industry. Successfully reading changing market conditions requires constant exposure to it’s fluctuations and careful observation of changes happening with an open mind on a consistent basis. Being completely immersed in the world of real estate due to overwhelming demand from prospective clients, gives Cal a front row view of what is happening in the Okanagan Real Estate Market.


Client Care and the Technology Advantage
Cal is committed to fulfilling and surpassing the expectations anyone would have of a traditional REALTOR®. Besides 2% Okanagan’s diverse and extensive advertising exposure for individual listings, including many home seller websites and MLS®, Cal has adopted a paperless business model. Through the use of paperless technology, Cal exponentially increases his efficiency to provide his clients with timely and pertinent information with professional advice so that they can make the best decisions possible in today’s fast-paced market!

The paperless model is not only eco-friendly and more efficient, it also results in benefits to the client such as faster and tidier completion of contracts and paperwork, increased organization and electronic filing for both Cal and his clients, and easily accessible data and contracts for quick decision making in this fast-paced industry.

Cal diligently works to keep his clients satisfied and feeling connected by responding to important questions and concerns in a timely manner and bringing in offers, showing requests, feedback and other inquiries as quickly as they come in. He realizes this is essential to client satisfaction and eliminating the possibility of missing out on great offer opportunities in this competitive market.


Cal brings an impressive background to his role as a REALTOR® and Owner at 2% Realty Okanagan –  he has an extensive background in sales where he has received years of formal sales training from the best in the business having learned sales strategy techniques to maximize his clients’ investments and close deals. However, the difference between a good REALTOR® and an incredible REALTOR® cannot be taught; instead much of Cal’s success can be credited to an innate understanding of what needs to be said and done to complete deals and in many cases, generate multiple offer situations for his clients’ benefit. He is passionate about his work and is driven by his success and the prospect of improving and growing his business.

In his personal time, Cal enjoys playing a variety of sports, such as ice/floor hockey and golf. He’s also recently developed a passion for participating in challenging obstacle themed races such as the “Tough Mudder”. To unwind, he loves spending time in Okanagan’s picturesque outdoors with his beautiful wife and three young children.

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Who We Are

At 2% Realty we’re a little different – but in a good way. We believe in value added service and helping you keep more of your investment. We offer 100% Realty Services for ONLY 2% commission. With 2% Realty, you don’t get less, you just pay less. 2 Percent Realty Okanagan is a locally owned and operated member of the 2 Percent Realty Family, ranked by Profit Magazine, as one of Canada’s fastest growing top 50 Companies. We are proud to represent the Evolution Of Realty, serving the Okanagan Valley, from the Osoyoos Area to the Shuswaps, and everything in between, with dedicated offices in Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon.

What We Do

We work hard to obtain the best possible value for our clients. Here are just a few of the features that 2% Realty provides:

Full MLS® System. Exposure to the general public and all members of the Real – Estate Board
Extensive marketing for maximum exposure of your property in multiple social media platforms and online at
Concise and professional completion of all paperwork relating to the sale and or purchase of your property
Comprehensive and expert analysis of current buying and selling trends in the Real Estate community
A Free, 2% Realty consultation to clearly understand your expectations, requirements, budget, and timeline

What you pay with 2% Realty

At 2% Realty, we believe that you shouldn’t be surprised by hidden fees and additional charges which is why our commission structure is so simple.

Our fee is 2% of the selling price of your home. That’s all. No additional fees or charges.

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